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I stared at the girl with Reshiram. I felt horrible in my stomach. 'N I don't want to go against her.' I woozed. "It's ok Zoroark." my master replied quietly. I didn't believe him but I looked as Reshiram and Zekrom fought.

I snorted when Zekrom fainted. "Are you ready?" N looked at me. I nodded nervously. "Go Zoroark!" N called and I jumped onto the battle field.

"Reshiram! Fusion Flare!" the girl called. "Dodge and use Slash!" (I don't know Zoroark's moves) N called. I dodged to the side and ran at Reshiram and slashed it's chest. I heard Reshiram's call and it fainted.

"Good job Zoroark." my master congradulated me. I nodded ready for the next Pokemon. The girl sent out a Samurott. I gulped nervously. "Samurott use surf!" the girl commanded. I ran the other direction towards N. "Zoroark! What are you doing!" N cried. 'I'm running I don't want to dissapoint you!' I screeched.

N looked terrified for my life. I tried to outrun the water seething towards me. All I could do was run. I ran then thought, Obesession. Why the word came to mind I don't know.

I face the wave and jumped over it. The girl gasped and N stood there smiling. "I knew you could do it." he murmured. I landed onto the Samurott. The Pokemon jerked around and I held onto it's neck. "Zoroark! Bite!" N called. I bit down onto the Samurott.

It cried out and fainted with that one move. I jumped back over to my master and smiled a somewhat smile. After an hour the battle was over. I stared at the girl triumpfiantly. 'We won N! Your predictions were right!' I cried. "Of course." N said calmly hiding his eyes under his cap.

Ghetsis ran into the room. "My boy you defeated her!" He smirked. Zoroark glared at Ghetsis because something was wrong. Zoroark shape-shifted into one of the Seven Sages and went over to Ghetsis. "What do we do with N now?" I snorted. "We get rid of him like the freak he is." N obviously heard and stared at his father. I scratched Ghetsis hard across the face and he fell to the ground.

"How could you!" He hissed. I morphed back to myself and growled at him. Ghetsis stared wide-eyed. N came up and the girl watched. "Get rid of him whatever you want." N breathed. I smiled devilishly and grabbed Ghetsis by the neck.

I went over to the hole where Zekrom burst through. "No! Anything but that!" He choked out. I growled at him. 'Too late.'
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