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~N's POV~
I looked back at White and her friends talking. I jumped over the rail. I hit the sand with a hard thud. I looked around for Zoroark. I saw half of his body in the water and the other half oh the land. I ran over to him. I picked him up and ran under the railing.

I looked out and I was hallucinating, because I saw a younger me hugging Zoroark as a Zorua. I remember that day. When my father, Ghetsis, gave him to me. I looked at his face and sighed. "I didn't hate you." I whispered.

I thought I saw Zoroark breath but when I felt his pulse there was nothing. I wiped away my tears. That did no use because no matter how much I wiped them away they kept falling and crashing on Zoroark's chest. I looked up at the clouds. They were beginning to become dark. "N!" I heard White call. I pushed myself against the rail. I looked up and water fell on my forehead.

White looked over the edge and I looked back at her. "Why are you down there? Where is Zoroark?" White jumped down and walked over to us. "H-He fell..." I cried. Cheren jumped down holding Bianca. "Ok let me down!" she squealed. Cheren put her down and walked over to us. "What's wrong with him?" Bianca squeaked. "He fell..." White sighed. "I-Is he ok?" Bianca cried. I opened my mouth and nothing came out. "No..." I finally managed to say.

"H-He's not dead i-is he?" Cheren studdered. I felt the tears began to flow back through my eyes. "Zoroark..." I breathed. Cheren put his arms around Bianca. Bianca never did like to see a Pokemon dead or die.

It began to rain. "We need to get inside." White said softly. Bianca went up first then Cheren and White. "Are you coming?" White called. "Zoroark liked the rain." I cried softly. White nodded and went up.

I hugged Zoroark and began crying again. I felt a sharp bite and looked over at a Joltik biting me. I picked it up and set it out of the rain. I rubbed my head in Zoroark's chest fur. 'N...' I sat up and looked at Zoroark. His eyes were struggling to open.
Beautiful no?
AmiBunny Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist
Beautiful and sad at the same time.
Should I smile or cry?
Oh, I know. *happy tears* :XD:
But seriously it is nice :)
Kukiru Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist
yaay new chapter!

it's so sad but yes indeed so beautiful. :cry:
Baygadosi Featured By Owner May 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
very beautiful :) im a zoroark lover myself
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